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Dated: 05/24/2017

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As I sit at a table during lunch at La Madeline on a Wednesday typing away, I realize how extremely happy and excited I am to be working from “home”.  I recently left the land of the cubes to forge my own path and take my financial destiny in to my own hands...and I love it!  It was certainly a very long, thought out process regarding how leaving a well-paying job with benefits would affect my family and if the pros outweighed the cons, but I couldn’t be happier with the decision!  It has already given me the opportunity to eat breakfast with my two three-year old’s (yes twins) in the morning as opposed to sneaking out of the house while still pitch black to ensure I don’t wake anyone up, to keep myself more accountable and to continue to teach my children that you have to work hard to make the life you want for yourself.      

My husband and I both work from “home” now and that can be tricky when we are trying to focus. While I love the shared workspaces available around town, they just don’t meet my financial needs at this time (that whole leaving a job to work for myself, two kids and private insurance piece).  Therefore, I have been exploring places around my neck of the woods to work and stay out of the way.  From $5 - $10 a day, I have been able to enjoy a cup of coffee, have a meal and sit and work for hours with reliable wifi.  My phone also has a pretty great hot spot, so I have able to work from just about anywhere. I always look for locations that do not have designated tables for servers and always to make sure to select places that don’t seem to fill up or go during off-peak hours so that I am not taking away from someone else’s livelihood should I decide to get inspired and work for a while longer than expected.   Also, anywhere outside on a beautiful day is hard to beat!

My favorite locations so far are:

Starbucks – circle CImage title

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – Circle C

Mandolas – Wm Cannon/Mopac

Whole Foods – Wm Cannon/Mopac

La Madeline on Brodie

Patio area outside of Violet Crown Cinema – downtown

Other comprehensive lists to consider: - coffee shops around town - great free wifi spots - all of the things!

I have lived in Austin for almost 17 years and have lived north, south, east and west, but still have so much to explore!  This city is ever changing thanks to all the great new industries, employment opportunities and innovation!  I can’t wait to see how this Real Estate journey will allow me to introduce more folks to this city that I love and to continue to find new places!

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Jessica Gold

I am originally from the Northwest Houston Area, but have lived in Austin for the past 17 years. I love it here! It has been amazing to see how much Austin has changed over that time. I attended th....

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