Why Do I Need A Buyers Agent

Dated: 02/07/2017

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Why does a Buyer need an agent to represent them in the purchase of a home?  The house is already tied to the listing agent, so why not just let him help us buy it as well?  We can just go around calling every listing agent and have them show us the homes.  That was the way to do it 30 years ago, but Realtors also met in parking lots with binders and listings printed out.  I have much respect for the seasoned Realtors out there, but I would not want to go back to that way and give up all of my tools and technology.  I very rarely hear anybody ask if they could use the defense attorney when they have been wronged and have to got to court, and that is because the defense attorney doesn't have their best interests at heart.  A Buyer's Agent is constantly writing contracts, showing houses, learning the market, and Negotiating (Rinse, Repeat).  They are experts at negotiating and buying homes and are the most qualified people in their local market to represent buyers.  

All Streets Realty spends a lot of time with buyers and training and sharing ideas about the market among it's agents.  Give us a call at 512.412.3714 Image titleto have the best agents in town help you buy a home today.  

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