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Dated: July 27 2017

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As far back as I can remember and beyond I loved playing in the dirt so my mom tells me. And still to this day I find my most inner peace while tending to my garden. Many of the homes I lived in I've created a garden then left it behind for someone else to enjoy while I moved  on to my next adventure.

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I will start my story here....Before moving to Texas I lived in West Chicago which is a suburb in Illinois. The outdoor growing season in that area is just a few short months between mid May-Oct. Because of my passion I always had to cram in as much as I could in that time frame. I had several indoor potted plants as the cold was brutal. I learned to be creative with seedlings by starting early inside, find herbs that would grow into the cold days of Nov, and plant bulbs in the fall to see any type of early spring bloom. I thoroughly enjoyed what I had however by the time Christmas came and went I was ready to garden again. But those cold winter days between Jan-March and even sometimes April were very hard for this gardener's heart.Image title 

Then this thing we call life happened and once again I left behind one of my precious gardens and moved to Central Texas. My first house was in Pflugerville TX. This is where I learned much about gardening in the sunbelt of Texas with its alkaline limestone caliche soil. I was like...what happened to my dark rich soil. I couldn't dig pass four inches before I hit this white hard stuff. I was not happy... Did I give up?...no! I was determined! I studied, researched, visited nurseries and asked lots of question. I had to learn how to garden here and make use of the warmth and longer sunlight central Texas provides in the late fall, winter and spring.

I experimented with many types of plants. Some died and some flourished. We ate from the garden and drank lots of green juice with my kale, Swiss chard, parsley, cilantro and more. I had a thriving herb garden. I delved into a few fruit trees such as loquat, fig and a banana tree. This garden was complete. I loved it! It contained raised beds with morning and afternoon sun. A rock garden for succulents, a shady spot for the dedicates, sunny spot for roses and an afternoon shade spot under tree canopies for myself to sit back and enjoy into the evening.

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House in Pflugerville TXI thought I would never leave my sanctuary I had built but then we started exploring the Hill Country with all its beautiful natural landscape and wildlife. I wanted more; I wanted my acre back. My husband and I ventured off to Fredericksburg Texas after a friend told us how nice this quint town is with its shops, bed and breakfast, restaurants, and hiking trails such as the Enchanted Rock Fissure. Each time we went we fell more and more in love with the rolling hills. After much thought we purchased an acre in Jonestown TX in 2015 which is the opposite direction of Fredericksburg. (How we arrived in Jonestown is another story.) We built a custom home in 2016, moved in Jan 2017, and now once again I am starting from scratch.... a New Garden.


The Cactus family. Just a few of my beauties of which I will write about in another Blog.

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