SoCo Select Farmers And Makers Market

Dated: 07/23/2018

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With all the outdorsy things going on in Austin, on a daily basis, this is another one to add to your list.  The SoCo Select Farmer's & Makers Market, located at 1511 S. Congress Ave is a cool place to visit.  One might call this an "eclectic setting".  Everything from handmade stamps, tie dyed tees, to locally grown Yaopan  tea and carefully beaded bracelets.  The Farmer's & Makers Market runs from 11-6 every Saturday.  There are cute knitted onesies, which are made by a beautiful young woman who was taught the art of knitting by her grandmother.  On the table to her right, one finds an interesting gentleman, who on the street might be mistaken for a Wall Street guru.  His company takes aerial photos of Austin.  All angles, different lighting.  Simply awe-inspiring and amazing.  What had the largest crowd when I arrived was the story-telling fairy.  She sits ornately under a huge, old tree, which gives such an enormous amount of shade, there are at least 20 antsy, sticky children seated, most of which are wide-eyed and listening to the story at hand.  Between story times, the circle of shade is spacious enough for an entire round of yoga for adults!   After getting your body's stretch, wander a few feet away to the white, breezy tent, where one finds colorful vintage garb.  There are rows of interesting clothing to rifle through.  Something you might not wear during the 110 degree weather of an Austin summer but surely will come in handy during our coldest months.  Compelling art and delightful jewelry abounds.  Every corner of the market brings yet another alluring object to inspect or purchase.  Did I forget to mention the edible goodies?   Oh my!!  Delectable cupcakes, tantalizing tacos, palatable paletas, to name a few.  What I'm trying to convey here is: CHECK OUT THE SOCO FARMER'S MARKET.  You will not be disappointed.  

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