Setting Goals For 2017

Dated: 01/06/2017

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As we start the new year many of us have big plans to change the world, get healthy, or some other life changing goal. It is important to have the right approach or sad to say none of this will get accomplished. Why is it so hard to keep on track of our goals? Accountability, or should I say lack of accountability. Very few people have the discipline to accomplish their goals alone. Find a friend or loved one to share your goals. No one wants to be known as a quitter. I am amazed how knowing that someone is holding you accountable help.

Use the SMART acronym to help set your goals. Specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic, time based Don't say, I want to be a better person, say I want to say 5 nice things about someone today. Without specifics in mind your goals will stay unmeasured and unachieved. Set realistic goals.  I worked for a company that every year we were expected to list our goals. There was tremendous pressure to have a sales goal that was not really achievable. Every year half way through the year we  would reassess our goal based on the progress, then change the goal based on our progress. This seemed like such a waste to me. Why set a goal if you know you can't achieve it?  Don't set yourself up for failure. Only set goal you care about.  You're kidding yourself if you think you can make a change someone else wants you to make.

Instead of saying I want to lose weight, say I want to lose 2 pounds a week, and eat 2000 calories per day.

Instead of saying I want to make more money, list specifics of what you are doing to do each month to meet your goal.

Instead of saying I want to be a better person, say I will say 5 nice things about someone today.

Setting goals are an important part of obtaining success but remember to take the time to enjoy life. Don't get so obsessed on your goals you lose sense of the big picture. I hope these suggestions help with a happy and Successful 2017.

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