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Dated: 10/31/2018

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It has been long coming and you decided to put your house on the market because you need to either downsize or up-size to a larger home. So before it goes on the market here are 3 items to think about.

  • Price
  • Make ready for saleImage title
  • Open House


Everyone has a number in mind of how much they want to get from the sale of their home. This is where a good agent will provide valuable information. I, as the agent, will provide a Comparative Market Analysis, CMA showing what homes in the area has been selling for in the last 3-6 months.  Taking into consideration high and low  peaks of the season I present to my seller client homes that are in the high, mid to low price range. With this they can see how their house compares in the market. After discussing I recommend for the sellers to visit a few open houses just to get a feel in person and see the competition. Builders nearby the community often hurts the top price sellers. These new build homes are a huge competition so price with care.

Food for thoughts...
I've visited with many sellers that pride themselves on the work they've done to the house while they are showing it to me. It is evident they are still attached to it. They aren't looking at it as "Property" but rather as their home. What happens is the seller is having a hard time breaking away form the money they have spent on the upgrades and things they love about the house. When discussing the sale price sellers always have a top dollar amount of what they want to get from the sale.  What sellers have to keep in mind is that new owners may not want or like the upgrades that were put in and in fact may rip them out.

Make Ready for Sale:

Buyers are looking for a home that will meet their needs and style. So before you go and repaint that bright yellow color to freshen things up stop and rethink a bit. Keep in mind buyers, when touring homes, are picturing their furniture in the home. With so many colors and styles its best to let the new buyers pic the color they want in their new home so why not just give it a good cleanup then provide an allowance. However if it needs a fresh coat of paint then go with a soft white or other neutral color. I wrote a detailed blog on making the home ready for sale that I called First Impressions.

The Open House:

Debates on doing open houses.

Draw backs that sellers should be aware of

Somethings to think when considering scheduling. 

Image titleTypes of Open House.

The first Open House is the Realtor Tour: This is when realtors come through your home on a scheduled time. Normally is midweek during the day. It is beneficial because you will receive feedback on your property. I like to create a small questionnaire for the agents that came through and fill out while they are walking your property. You will receive good feedback on price, how well or not it showed and even recommendations for a to do list.  So if you are unsure about some things this feedback helps. Also many agents tour homes looking for that perfect fit for a buyer they have in mind. 

The second is the Open House Public Tour: This tour will be on a Sat and/or Sun mid-day. And its best to have this Open House as soon as the house goes on the market. Serious buyers that can't find the home of their dreams are looking every day.  If you live in a hot market area you may have many calls to see your property. It would be great if several of those home shoppers are able to come on the same day so you won't have to be asked to leave once again. Those shoppers will be able to walk the home and see it in person as they shop for that perfect home for their family.

So if this is you looking to put your house on the market just go to my website and complete the questionnaire for a quick "Find Your Home's Value"then call me at 512-808-7313 for a more in depth discussion. You can also email me at awilda@allstreetsrealty.com.

While you are on my page enjoy shopping for homes and don't forget to visit my FaceBook Page to learn more about me.

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