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Dated: November 3 2017

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One would wonder why if I live in the Austin Texas area I would go to Tyler Texas for a client which is four hours away and additionally I don't have access to their MLS, multiple list service. Well that client happened to be a very special client. This special client was ready to buy her first home so she made the call for me to come and help find her a home and I couldn't say no. So I took off to a four hour drive up north and then east. I must say the trip felt long at the last hour. However it started becoming beautiful just crossing over Palestine City then Palestine Lake down route 31 which crosses right over the lake. The area becomes lush with mature Oaks and Pine trees such as the Loblolly Pine.I was impressed by the height of these trees. I also noticed the ground was not white calich but rather a mix of red/brown dirt with sand and lots of it.

Before I left I knew there would be challenges since I did not have access to the MLS in that region. So we started looking for homes on Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com. I learned that on Zillow the listing agent's name and phone number is on the web-page along with the property of choice while the others just had random agents that paid for leads. That was helpful as I knew that I would need them to obtain entry to the homes to show it. One criteria from my client was "no flood zone". My workaround was to search for the location/address she chose on my MLS then click on the flood zone tab. Now that was time consuming but worth it! We gathered a few good homes, I made my calls and scheduled a few houses for our first, second and third day out.

Then after my second visit to Tyler we found the home and we put an offer in. It was a nice home on a one half acre in a older neighborhood. My client loved it and is planning her decor to make it her own. She is so excited to move into her  home as a first time home buyer. The counter came back and as of this writing we are still in negotiation.  I was impress with the home as it was built with good craftsmanship.

To my surprise I found all of the agents willing to help out. The local listing agents would have me pick up a key in the office, or open the door before we arrived, or even met us at the property. We toured many homes and even some older homes in Historic Tyler area. Several of these homes have been restored back to their era, very cool to see them. The ones we toured needed more work than my client wanted and able to undertake. These older homes are great for anyone interested in restoring a peace of history. Flippers should take Tyler into consideration.

The market in Tyler is strong for new to newer homes. Being that this is an older town with roots in history there are many older homes on the market so we became very selective. I quickly noticed that all of these newer built homes would go under contract very quickly. We needed to get a jump on a house and not sit to long thinking about it.  Also you get more of a house for the price and one can even get a custom built home for about $200,000 which was a strong consideration for my client at one point. We had met up with a women builder Janey Angelo. Her business name is Angelo Construction Inc. you can see her Facebook page here and her web-page here. I was impress with the homes she builds. They are very nice homes with great craftsmanship, good materials and good people. We loved her homes plus her eye for interior decor. My client reluctantly decided not to custom built as she needed a house now and a bit lower price. This would be something for the future and I know Janey would be in her mind.

Homes prices in Tyler are very affordable in comparison to Austin TX. You can find nice  homes starting at $160K even new under constructions on smaller lots. We know one is not able to find a newer  3 bed/two bath 1500 square foot home, in good condition, with top rated school, on 1/2 acre only 20 min from town, with low taxes, ready to move in anywhere near Austin. I Know we looked for my client before we found her home in Lindale Texas

Tidbit about Tyler Texas:  It is knows as the Rose Capital of America and is the home of the larges Rose Garden in the United States boosting a 14 mile acres garden. The city is named for John Tyler, the Tenth President of the United States.  Has an educational and technology center, Tyler host more than 20,000 higher education students, a College of Engineering and University Health Science Center, two regional, billion-dollar hospital systems. Well this is for sure something to boost about. If you are interested about this great town you can learn more here.

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