Not At All What I Expected

Dated: September 11 2018

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Real Estate…not at all what I expected…

I became a realtor because I needed to do ANYTHING I could to get out of the job situation I was in.  I was miserable every single day and knew that I couldn’t take it any longer.  I snuck out before my kids woke up in the morning so as not to wake them, I was sick to my stomach every single day I drove in,  I sat in my cube stressed beyond belief working in a volatile and chaotic environment and was going to be required to travel more taking me away from the two little bits that meant the world to me.  I was missing my kids growing up.  I wasn’t myself anymore because I was bringing my stress home with me.  I missed my family and I missed my old self.  I couldn’t take it any longer! 

My husband was a realtor, and very successful at it and I thought to myself…” I’ll just get my license too!”  He made it seem incredibly easy.  I had watched him for years and I just knew I would be a pro at it!  I like working with people, Austin is a booming market, this will be a breeze!!!  …Man was I wrong.

I took the classes, I passed my tests and I got my license!  I jumped right in and expected to be showing houses and closing on my first deal in no time flat.  I soon realized EVERYONE knows a realtor, people who find you online don’t know or trust you and most people have preconceived notions of realtors being sleezy or just in it for the money. 

I worked with people for months only to find out they were no longer interested in buying, I made childcare arrangements to meet a new client only to have them not show up for the appointment, I planned for days to show houses to an out of town client only to have them cancel and decide to go with a realtor their cousin’s neighbor’s dog walker said was the best.  Clients I had been working with decided to go with a new build and did not understand that I could still represent them.  I tried networking, getting out there socially, posting online, reaching out via email, making phone calls and still nothing.    I felt so defeated!  I quickly realized this was going to be MUCH harder than I expected. 

It didn’t matter how hard I worked, how much I did, if I didn’t have a closing, I was not going to be able to keep doing this.  The money just wasn’t there. 

Finally, when I was at my limit, I figured out what this was all about!  I figured out what brought me so much joy about this job.  The part that many people don’t realize about realtors. 

I met a young woman with two sons trying to get out of a bad situation with her boyfriend.  Her credit had issues, she didn’t make very much money, but she was trying to better her life.  She was a mom who wanted more for her kids.  She was one of the appointments that “no showed” on me earlier that year and I am glad didn’t hold it against her.  Stuff happens, life gets in the way.  After quite a bit of searching, I was able to find her an apartment that accepted all of her “dings” and it was a wonderful place to live.  Her boys were in a better school, she was in a better situation and I had something to do with that.  I cared about her.  It just so happens that apartment complex did not pay agent commissions, so I did not get paid for that transaction, but I helped change someone’s life for the better.  I found her a home and she was happy and relieved. 

I also got to help someone who was recently divorced and moved back to Texas to be close to her family and support system.  She was trying to start over and wanted a place to call home.  After many 6 months of looking, we found a home she could be proud of that would keep her financially comfortable.  That is the home she will start over in.  That is the place she will be coming back to after a long day at work.  That is the place she will learn who she is again, and I am thrilled that I could be a part of it!

I met another amazing couple that was relocating from Houston for an amazing job opportunity.  She was taking a leap of faith by starting at a new company and was understandably nervous.  Their house was not selling in Houston which was causing stress and they would not be able to buy a home here until that happened.  Her and her husband were traveling back and forth every weekend because he had to stay there working until their house sold.  So many moving parts and so many emotions tied to this transaction. 

I am realizing this industry and career is much more than buying and selling houses.  There is so much care and compassion that comes with being a Realtor that I think most people don’t realize.

It is hard, it is frustrating, but when you get to truly impact someone’s life in a positive way it makes all the bad stuff so worth it.   I don’t get paid for most of my work, my income is 100% dependent on other people, and sometimes I wonder if this was the right decision.  Then people come in to my life that truly need help.  Everyone else has given up on or decided they weren’t worth the time because the money wasn’t there, the commission wasn’t worth it or it was just too much.  These are the people I want to help the most. 

Buying a home, finding an apartment, leasing a home all of these things are HUGE on the important scale!  This is someone’s home! This is where they will raise their children, where they will start their life over, where they will take care of their aging parent.  I want them to know every time they walk through the door that I truly cared about them and wanted them to have the best possible place to call home.

I am still trying to get all of this figured out, but I love the life it is allowing me to have.  I can’t afford as many “things” as I did at my stable, well paying job with benefits, but I have so much more!  I have more time with my kids, I get more time to work on a business I would love to grow, and I get to meet people who need help.  I love that I get to be a part of this journey with them! 

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