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Dated: 11/27/2017

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Moving to Hill County from the city?.... you will never want to go back and live in the city once you relax into the peacefulness and adventure. 

Hill County brings several changes that you may not be ready for and especially if you have never been camping or at minimum hiking in the woods. You will find several types of animals living among the area freely roaming around. The main one you will see is the white-tailed deer. They are graceful animals, coming out in the mornings and at dusk to feed. Now for a gardener this will be a challenge. One need to find ways to keep them out of the garden. None-the-less its a real treat to see the fawns walking after their mother late in the spring. Many folks have learned to live with them and they go as far as to feeding them however its not a good idea for their own safety.   Image title

Me being a city girl I had to learn all new nuances when I moved to the country. I quickly learned about the critters such as scorpions,tarantulas, snakes, spiders and the fun ones like the road runner and long ear rabbits. At night the twilight becomes alive with the sound of the coyotes. Some nights I can hear many of them howling while I lay resting. Its such an awesome sound as it reminds me of where I am living while in the comfort of my beautiful custom home. I just love being here as it is quite different than the hustle and bustle of city life with all the lights. Here in hill country we have respect for the the dark skies and go as far as to add dark sky friendly lighting to our homes and pathways. Why? so we my preserve the darkness to see the volume of stars and moon that light up the evening. Here is a link to learn more about the Dark-sky movement.

The peace that comes from living in the country is irreplaceable. At first you feel the quietness to be strange, voices coming from the top of hill, hardly anyone in sight, the rain and thunder that echoes from the hills, a view of the lake in the distance. Its all so magical with new sounds. Then there Image titleare the fun late afternoon near the campfire. It's like your home is a forever vacation spot. 

So far my experience here in hill county has been pretty good, haven't had any real issues and I don't scare easily However I am precocious and aware of my surrounding. On a cloudy morning one tarantula did catch me by surprise on my second story window. Thank God it was on the outside. :0... It just going on its merry way where it found its way back down. I did have a run in with a field snake that wanted to gImage title into my garage. I took the shovel to it and ending up with about four pieces. Little tiny white scorpions roam around but before they get out of hand we got the pest controls and now we are good. I have learned to keep brush away from the house. Put pest control down. Seal all entryways to the house and never leave doors open.

I love living in hill country the views are to die for. Anyone looking to own a piece of Texas and build your very own custom home all you have to do is call. There are many homes and lots to pick from. Jonestown, Lago Vista, Point Venture is just a few areas. A short commute and you will be in town in no time. See links below I have provided for your pleasure. Want other areas just let me know and I will send them to you.

Happy Hunting.

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