In A Sea Of Bluebonnets There Is Always An Indian Paintbrush

Dated: February 24 2017

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It's right around the corner, one of my favorite times of year in the Texas Hill Country.  That's right, Bluebonnet season!  Wildflower season for that matter!  These iconic flowers paint the sometimes drab roadways and hillsides all around central Texas, and I don't care what anyone says... they are breathtaking! Part of me wishes they were here year round, but then I don't think it would be as special as when you get excited to see the first few blooms popping up here and there!  Moms starting scanning their calendars to make sure they can schedule the annual family bluebonnet pictures, and photographers start getting booked even before the first seedling sprouts!  Every year I plan to get a good ole fashion Texas Bluebonnet picture with my kiddos and every year the calendar fills up and I get busy, or the kids have something planned, or the photographer schedule doesn't line up.  

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So last year before the last few bluebonnets wilted away, this picture was as good as it got!  Yes, that is outside my house with a few bluebonnets that sprouted up in the weeds...taken with my iphone! I know, I know...breathtaking right!?!  I have promised myself to get at least 1 iconic family photo in the bluebonnets before its too late and my kids roll their eyes at me when I ask. But when I start to think back about growing up in Texas my whole life and what has truly drawn me in every year was not just the beautiful indigo blooms of the bluebonnet, but the scattered, very intentionally placed Texas Indian paintbrush.  Now THIS wildflower, catches my eye every time.  I am enamored by it's beauty and how (to me) it stands out from the crowd of bluebonnets.  So maybe instead of taking the iconic Texas Bluebonnet picture, I will opt for the unique Texas Indian Paintbrush picture.  

Let's tie tImage titlehis into one of my other passions in life, helping people find the right home.  When you are ready to start looking for a new home, there will be a sea of choices out there. You may look at 4 homes or you may look at 54 homes before you decide.  But what I want to help you do, is find the home that you are drawn to and makes you say "this is the one, this was put here for me!" Whether you are buying your 1st home or your 5th home, let me help find your Texas Indian Paintbrush among the Bluebonnets!

***In the meantime, stay tuned for my next blog post that gives away the best places in the Hill Country to take family Bluebonnet pictures!


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