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Dated: 03/31/2017

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Having lived in both for about equal amounts of time, I can tell you that there are advantages to each one.  The freedom of living without an HOA is often times glorious if you have good neighbors who take care of their property.  The freedom of adding an addition or separate structure without having 300 restrictions and rules as to what you can/can't do with your property is very freeing.  The bad part to this comes when you have a neighbor who has made it to the point where they can move out and keep their current home as a rental property.  Mr and Mrs Rude move in with their twin pit bulls, loud cars and 50 rowdy friends intent on hearing Bocephus every weekend (Hank Williams Jr for those not in the know).  

The HOA would never allow the Rude family to continue this behavior, and the neighborhoods generally look pretty nice.  The downside to HOAs happen when you leave your trash cans out one night or god forbid you get busy at work and your grass doesn't look pristine.  HOAs also allow "Nosy Nancy Neighbor" to report you to the HOA and then the HOA has to send you those sweet "Could you maybe think about cutting your yard so you can once again align with the look our neighborhood is trying to maintain? "  I understand it and know it is necessary, but it doesn't make those 4 letters in 8 days upon returning from an unscheduled trip any less frustrating.  

It really is a choice that a home buyer must decide, and opinions are as divided as anything else nowadays.  

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