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Dated: September 29 2017

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First Impressions are so fundamental to us all that we take great strides to look our best and in today's world we take selfies then post them on Facebook  or other social media for all to see. We groom ourselves to be presentable to the world like when we go on a first date, a job interview or a wedding. We always put on our best so as to leave that long lasting impression to others. And so it should be when selling your home. Image title

In this world market of internet home purchases it is vital that we take a "First Impression" mind set. People buying homes today begin their search on the web; browsing websites such as my website to look for the home of their dreams. Sellers must be aware of how their property will look when that buyer is gazing at the pics of their home. Good quality pictures are important, yes, and you want a good camera or professional photographer taking those photos. However what those pictures are snapping is equally as important as the photo themselves. If you want a buyer to catch that wow factor you have to create it. It will help them look longer (and look at every pic) as they log it into their memory. You want the image of your home to be imprinted in their mines eye so they are able to recall it as they go on with their day and think about which house was their favorite.

So lets take a walk and see what it looks like when your seller agent is arranging the pictures on the Multiple Listing Service, MLS, to give the feel of a buyer taking a virtual tour of your home.

  • Drive up to the house - landscape and the exterior of the house

    • the curb appeal is important, you want that pride of ownership to show from the start

    • power wash oil stains on driveway and path to the door

    • clean lawn with fresh cut grass and spent flowers removed along with any fallen leaves, trim overgrown bushes and tree branches

    • remove any artifacts that will distract the buyer from looking at your home

  • Front door - the door closed then open

    •  a new welcoming mat is always nice, freshly washed door and/or paint, don't forget to look for bees and birds nest 

    • windows is a must clean, pics will turn out nicer and your buyers walking thought the house will notice, while you are out there clean your gutters as well

    • clean the exterior lighting, wipe clean any finger prints

  • Front room - leading to the main living space

    • is your entryway de-cluttered from boxes shoes and slippers

    • a new entry rug will give that hint to wipe feet before entering into your home

  • The Kitchen - the heart of the home

    • remove small appliance off of the counter to showcase the clean nice open counter-top space

    • wipe down your cabinets, stove, frig and dishwater so they show very well on the pictures

    • consider a fresh coat of paint to give the newness look to your cabinets

    • give an elbow kind of cleaning to the sink and make it shine

  • Living space

    • arrange the furniture so it looks bigger, consider moving some pieces out of the house

    • bring a bouquet of flowers for color and a warmth feel of the home

    • floors vacuumed, mopped and throw rungs put away to show the full length of the floor

  • Master bed and bath

    • please please please...clean bedded sheets, and new towels are a must

    • faucets, shower and sinks should be shining like new

    • tidy up the closet and put away your off season clothing in boxes then out to the garage, give that closet freedom and movement

    • put shoes in plastic boxes and move them out of the way

  • All other room

    •  remove family pics, you want the buyer to imagine it to be their home, their stuff in it

    • depersonalize the spaces and put toys away

  • Back and side yards

    • just like the front yard the sides and back is equally important

    • if you have brick or flagstone consider power washing them to give them that new look

    • paint the wooden deck 

    • pick up leaves and pull weeds

    • plant a few flowers here and there to give that homey feel and color in the pictures

  • Birds eye view

    • I use this feature only if there is a view of something nice if not don't do it unless you're showing how nice the neighborhood is or that brand new roof you are so proud of

    • careful, you don't want the buyer to zone in on something that may put them off that is only visible from the top and they may never see it from the ground level

  • The community

    • find out when it the best time for picture taking; for example school bus route, busy pool times, or even a nice event to show off how fun the neighborhood

With so many busy people and their work schedule no one has time to see pass all the stuff we love to fill our homes with to see a property. I've sat with buyers while they are surfing the net and I see how quickly a home is discarded when they are filled with too much and the house is not up to par. They can't or won't focus on the house. And this is true when touring homes as well. So "First Impression" is the name of the game.

Remember the cleaner the pic looks on the internet the better chance you will have to catch a buyer's attention as they are filtering through hundreds of homes. You want yours to standout. After a while they all start to look the same. Think what will make your home different in a cookie cutter neighborhood where the builder had a repeat of the same home running through it.

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