FALL A Beautiful Time Of Year

Dated: October 23 2018

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During the fall, we all know what happens-cooler weather, shorter days, excuses to eat a little more.  Most people do not think of purchasing a home during the fall.  This time of year, home sales are a bit slower.  Buyers are less likely to get outbid and the pressure from the competition begins to lull.  This may be a time when sellers are more prone to settle for asking price, especially if the home has been on the market since spring or summer.  A seller may just be ready to get this over with and move on.  If a buyer is patient, they may get a much better deal.  During the fall months, a buyer might be able to get through the home-buying process without feeling pressured or rushed, which means you can compare homes at a slower pace and choose the home that best fits you and your family's needs.  In spring and summer, most agents have an extensive client list to maneuver, which might equal getting placed on the back burner.  However, in the fall, as things slow down a bit, it could  be easier to have more one-on-one time with your agent who will provide more attention to your needs.  During fall, a home's exterior shows its true colors, so to speak.  Any worn areas or issues, such as cracked driveway and/or missing shingles, would be easier to spot.  Dealing with those issues beforehand, might save the buyer a nice chunk of change.  Lastly, when buying  a home in the fall, you can still get a tax break, even when purchasing in November and December.   It might be only a few hundred dollars, but when making such a huge investment, every cent can add up.  

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