Experience Of Buying A Home The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Dated: August 31 2019

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We live in a world of story telling as we gather with friends and family around our dinner tables and share our stories.Image title They help us de-stress and also it gives us the opportunity to share stories that uplift us.  In today's rapid life and technologies we have turned to social media to share some amazing stories as we sit and invite our virtual friends to listen, if you will, as we tell our stories online. So I posted a question this morning on FB and asked my peeps to share their experiences of buying a home I asked them for

"The good,

    the bad, and

        the ugly".

Here are their stories

Story #1

When purchasing my home I found there was fraud on my name. Someone was using my information and had a bunch of unreported unpaid taxes 😭. "Oh No"!! To resolve this I just had to prove That I wasn't a man, LOL. I guess the person using my name was a male.  Then I had to prove that I didn't live in Florida the years in question.  🙄 it a was headache getting that resolved. Glad its over. However now I have an extra 4 numbers added to my SS when I file taxes. Then at another closing the Government had shutdown a few days before closing on my home. 😢😭 What a mess.  The good news is that it's all behind me and I  have my beautiful home.

Story #2

One of my relative had their identity stolen. When it was found out they learned the person was able to get a $100k line of credit for plastic surgery! And it got paid off, in full! Plus they owned a house in her name in Austin!! Can't make this stuff up.

Story #3

We were so happy looking for our home and our agent was always willing to take us out on property tours. As we searched and searched we finally decided on one.  Then at the time of purchasing our beautiful home we found out when the investigator came asking question that our agent had committed fraud. We were like "What! our Agent!. This can't be.

Story #4

Bought my first house when I was 24 -25 years old and the listing agent didn’t think i was serious about putting and backing up my offer -she treated me so horribly🙄 and...blatantly kept trying to sell the house to other people even after the sellers accepted my offer. What she didn’t realize was that I worked for a bank (that listing agent told the sellers I’d never be able to get an appraisal and other requirements in time for contract to close) and when she tried to cancel my deal /closing assuming stuff wasn’t done (this was during a time when there were multiple offers and market was crazy 20+ years ago in NY) I showed up at her office and told her I had rescheduled for same time/date and she literally laughed saying there was no way I’d get everything done on time. My reply was simply...I dropped then and there all the completed docs on her desk and saying”see you at closing”. Needless to say she didn’t come to closing and after that I decided to get my license so it wouldn’t happen to me again!

Story #5

When we lived in NH, my Husband got been transferred to Dell Austin. Our NH house sold much quicker than we thought we would, even in the sluggish market we had up there. So we had no where to live (besides my parents basement). But I had been looking online at homes in the Austin area and I even came down to tour some real estate. Basically, I knew the market and knew what I wanted. We had put offers on a couple houses and they didn’t go through because we didn’t know how fast houses moved down here.  So one day I was just surfing online and saw a house that was PERFECT! 4 beds, 3 baths, a pool, cute inside.  So I ran to my Husband and said “CALL quick make an offer today!”. And he did. We made an offer, it was countered, we accepted. We never saw the house in person til I came for the inspection. And my Husband never saw either untill he rolled up with our moving truck. We just had faith! And it worked out so well!  We are here and loving our home.

Image title

I love it where there is a happy ending to Story Telling. Let me help you make your story to buying your home a happy ending for you to share with your family and friends.

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