Do I Build From Scratch Or Buy An Existing Home

Dated: 01/20/2017

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Do I Build from Scratch or Buy an existing Home?

When Building a New Home

Many people in the area are deciding to build their own homes from scratch.  When doing so, they tend to spend a year or more searching for that perfect piece of land that will fit their dream home. Other things to consider would be systems; such as whether the land gives you access to municipal water and sewage, or does it require a well and septic system.   The alternative is usually a subdivision where a home site will be on septic, but the water is piped in.  One of the biggest drawbacks to building a house can be the higher costs and longer timeframe.  Both can easily increase throughout the home-building process.

One major advantage to building a home from scratch is that you’re much more likely to get exactly what you want.   A new home is more energy efficient including better HVAC [heating, ventilation and cooling], higher grade windows, and improved insulated. 

Buying an Existing Home

One of the advantages to buying an existing home is convenience and cost. When you have been preapproved by a lender, you can start your home search, choose a home and make an offer. A qualified real estate agentcan make the process easier by helping you find appropriate properties, making offers, guiding you through each negotiation, and assisting with the all the paperwork.

Once your offer is accepted, you should be able to close and move in within 45 calendar days. 

The convenience of being able to move-in right away can fit a person’s timing much better and is usually much less stressful.  This is especially for buyers needing to relocate for a new job and whose children will be starting at a new school.

Your home is often the largest investment.  It’s acceptable to be picky and take your time to find the perfect home and hire a reputable Real Estate Agent to guide you through the complex process.

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