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Dated: 06/20/2018

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Have you heard of Builder Boost?

Kim Guley is the founder and owner of Builder Boost...She is the connection between the Builders and Real Estate Agents. The work that she does is a tremendous help for us agents when looking to new constructions for our buyers here in the Austin and San Antonio, TX market. When I met Kim many years ago, during one of the tours, I was highly encouraged by her enthusiasm and wiliness to help us realtors connect with the builders.

What they do in a nutshell:  They provide a platform for face to face opportunities with builders, onsite sales agents, design centers, and construction managers. The platform allows for much discussion on the built process and buyer's experience along with incentives to buyers on a newly built and ready move in homes.

As I chatted with Kim I learned how she started her business. Fast forward to today her business has grown and become well know within our industry. I invited her to be interviewed for this blog. I am so honored she accepted. Please see below in her own words the responses during the interview.

Thank you Kim


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Kim & Matt Guley on left

What prompted you to start builder boost?

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An idea, a quote, and a scary decision.

I'd spent many years in the new home industry working in sales and marketing. I had incredible mentors along the way that inspired me and encouraged me to grow and reach higher potentials. These special people enabled me to think differently about my own capabilities and to think differently about the industry too.

At one point in my career, I was given the opportunity to take on a sales role on top of my marketing duties. Talk about eye opening! I began to truly understand the process of what initially attracts someone (marketing) to what causes a person to take the next step towards making the financial decision of purchasing (home sales).

I began to look at the overall marketing budget in a whole new way. I could see the impact (the ROI)of very small spends, for example, a lunch with a real estate agent. Taking the time to create trust and establish real relationships created numerous sales for our builder and the agent equaling hundreds of thousands of dollars in future revenue for both sides. This part of the business fascinated me and simply made me happy!

Human connection is fun and it's what makes life rich. Business is an exchange of energy between people. It always has been and always will be. It's a value exchange. Give more, get more.

"Realtor Relations" is a huge part of any home builders marketing plan. From my experience, I firmly believe it is the most important. I was eager to grow an engaged group of agents who in return got a tremendous amount of value from the Builder Boost community so that our partnered builders could benefit as well.

Giving and getting information is drastically different than it used to be and it continues to evolve.

I was eager to design a resource that was digital and direct from the builders so that agents could rest assured that they were getting correct info. I was also excited to offer a concierge service so that agents could get personalized help. Finding new homes is not an easy task and information is constantly changing. Having a point of connection between builder and realtor can be the key to more transactions and I believed that building a community and platform could help make those connections.

At one point, these were all just ideas but in 2014 I knew I had a decision to make. I could either keep doing what I was doing. Safe decision. Or I could give more attention to that idea that kept nudging at me and make it happen. Scary decision.

If you are not scared a lot. You are not growing very much!

How did you start it?

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"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."

I remember reading this quote and in an instant, I made a true decision to put my whole heart and focus into making a collaborative platform for agents and builders. Before the "decision" the concept was just a background thought in my mind that would nudge itself into my conscious every now and again. It felt good to decide for it. There was no backing down.

I made very small baby steps each day. Activities like:

Starting a blog about new home communities and people in the industry.

Asking a ton of questions and surveying agents and builders about what they needed.

Starting social media channels to build an audience.

Connecting with people who might be a good fit for the team going into the future.

Eventually with time and focused energy, the concept of what is now Builder Boost began to take shape. It was vague at first and I had to go through a lot of trial and a lot of errors to get to clarity on what aspects made it most valuable to both agents and builders.

As the audience started to grow and I started to get more and more feedback, I began to present the concept to builders. The people in those early days who took time from their busy day to hear about "an idea"hold such a special place in my heart. I am not only grateful to them for their encouragement but also for taking a huge chance on Builder Boost. I continue to learn from them. There are some people that just do things the way they have always been done and then there are a few that are open to possibilities and open to giving people their big chance. They allowed me to take a shot at a dream!  I work each day to repay them with results. I admire them and aspire to do this for others as my life progresses.

What was your main success and failure?

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I can’t really point to a main failure, but I can certainly point to many different little ones.

Fail fast and often. I heard this a lot when I was starting out.

Looking back, I can resonate more with what many successful business owners were trying to tell me. With every mistake, misstep or misguided decision comes a lesson. The more lessons you learn, the more quickly you can get on the right track.

Perhaps my main success has been learning to reframe failure and work with it.

How many builders do you currently work with?

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We currently work with over 50 builders/developers in the Austin and San Antonio Metro Area.  Each and every one is so important to us! We know these builders truly value realtor relationships and we strive to keep these connections running strong.

Would you like to name your top players from your team that have stuck it out from the beginning?

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All of them!! You know that term "the dream team?" I completely get it now! Our team is small but fierce.

When I first started to catch more momentum than I could handle, I hired a virtual assistant, thinking I would just need someone on a short-term basis to fill in some gaps. Jelli is still with us today and I hope forever! She is tremendously talented in ways that I just fall short.

There is a piece of advice I got early on "Hire people smarter than you. "

I am so glad I followed this wisdom!

When Builder Boost in Austin started to grow, we added Kelley to our team. I knew in our first meeting that she had the heart and the talent for taking Builder Boost where it needed to go next... and she continues to astound all of us.

My husband, Matt Guley joined the team in 2017 (this was always a dream) and making it a reality has been amazing. He brings form and systems to all of our ideas and creativity. He has always been a "coach" - having a heart for helping people and this has been a perfect alignment for his talents and energy.

Builder Boost also took a huge leap in 2017 to expand into San Antonio. We added Delayna to our team. She lives in and loves San Antonio. Connecting people is her genius. She is genuinely wired to help others and seeing the opportunities she is creating for others is amazing!

Tell us a bit about your personal life.

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I like to keep things simple and boiled down to only the truly important things. I love my family and am blessed with every moment I get to spend with them. I married my soul mate and we’re about to celebrate our 15th year of marriage. We have 2 daughters who keep us challenged and growing! We enjoy spending time on the lake wake-surfing as much as possible. Our business is a passion project and we don’t look at it as “work” so this is another way we love to spend our days!
Buyers that are looking for new constructions should have a real estate agent that is connected with this team.
Because Builder Boost keeps us well informed, provides online tools, and invites us on tours/missions to learn about many up and coming communities that you the buyer may not be aware of.

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