Beekeeping 101 At Round Rock Honey

Dated: 05/25/2017

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It’s the time of year when bees swarm – if you’ve ever seen it in person, it’s pretty crazy looking and a little scary if you have a fear of bees! Truth is, they’re very docile at this time because half of the colony has deserted a hive that is no longer large enough for all of them, and they’re searching for a new place to call home and make more honey, wax, etc…

I have always been curious about having a beehive and access to honey in my own backyard. Now dubbed a “superfood”, honey has many health benefits, but until my visit to Round Rock Honey I didn’t realize you don’t get ANY of those benefits from most brands on the shelf at the grocery store. If the honey is processed – heated, filtered, etc. – the pollen and most of the “good stuff” is removed and you just have a bottle of golden sugar. 

Back to my visit to Round Rock Honey…

As I mentioned, I thought it would be really cool to have a hive and our own honey spout in our backyard. Then, I found a Groupon for a Beekeeping 101 Class at Round Rock Honey – I felt like we could have our own honey in a matter of months! Fast forward to the class – in a nutshell, IT’S NOT THAT SIMPLE as you can see from the "Beekeeper's Year" chart....

The Beekeeper's Year


The course was very informative and gave me a newfound respect for these little bugs (a few were even flying around us) and what they do. The classroom portion was about 2 hours long, and attendees ranged from those serious about becoming a beekeeper to the mildly curious. We learned about types of bees and their jobs, what kind of boxes to buy and how to set everything up, maintenance, things that can hurt the hive, etc.

Beekeeping Equipment

Next, the fun part! We all put on beekeeper’s suits and drove over to visit some hives. It was really fun to see the bees at work and see what we learned in the classroom, but up close. We even tasted some honey right out of the hive!

In our suits about to visit the hives!

If you’re looking for something different and can get into learning about the little honey makers, come to this class! If you’re not that into it, just check out Hive Alive on Netflix instead…

Here are a few tips before you go:

  • Buy your tickets from Groupon! They offer 1 ticket for $45 (normally $125), or 2 tickets for $79 (normally $250). The promotional value never expires with Round Rock Honey!

  • Read ALL instructions they give you about what to wear, so you’re not sorry when you’re wearing the bee suit.

Go during the cooler months. Texas summer + beekeeping getup = A miserable hour outside!

Let me know if you attended and what you thought!

Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!! 🇺🇸🎉

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