Am I Going To Lease Again

Dated: 10/24/2019

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And the story goes...

I go about my day as normal.... you know the typical days, get up, go to work, come home, make dinner, clean up, go to bed, get up, Bla bla bla. Then out of the blue I receive a notice that my rent is going up! And by a lot! A whole $75.00 more a month. OH! NO! This is the second time it goes up and I am just throwing money away on someone else's property. The dilemma! Am I ready to buy or will I lease again? I should take the leap and buy my first home. I have been reading and have a good idea of the process; I feel ready but nerves of this first step. So again I ask myself.

Am I ready to be a home owner?

First off...

if I decide to rent I have to take into consideration that rents went up in most of the homes around me. So if I want to stay at the same price I may have to move outside of my neighborhood or go smaller. Is this something I want to do I ask myself? So I do my internet searches to see what is happening in my market area. Then I go to my realtor's, Awilda Caberto's, website and do a search for lease and homes in my area.  I am not happy to see that rent has gone up all around. However homes seem to be at a reachable price. So I call my realtor to discuss options.

As we discuss I find out that yes indeed rent has gone up and that probably my best option is to purchase my first home. So where do I start? The bank! I need to discuss with a loan officer if I can qualify for a loan. I will need to find out if my credit score is up to par.Image title Then do I have enough money for a down payment. If not then would I qualify for a USDA, VA, or down payment assistance. A good lender will match you with the best loan for your needs.

Being that my credit score is OK and I have some savings I am looking pretty good. Then comes the income to-credit-ratio thing. The lender will delve into my finances and see home much money I may borrow. If all looks good we move along with a determination and the per-approval letter. It will show how much I may borrow.  Then the fun parts begins.... looking for my first home and start investing in myself.

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