Dated: 10/05/2017

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Hey there Austinites!  Can you feel it?? There is an excitement in the air!  Maybe it's because the weather has cooled down to the upper 80's (yep...Fall in Texas) or maybe it's because it's time for ACL!  Austin City Limits kicks off this weekend and brings thousands upon thousands of music lovers to town to enjoy 2 exciting weekends crammed full of fun and music for all ages! I love living in Austin and having the opportunity to attend these kind of festivals!  There always seems to be something exciting going on in and around Austin and as soon as those temps drop below 90 the town comes alive! Or at the very least it becomes much more enjoyable to be outside! 

Did you know that in 2015 nearly half a million people attended ACL? WOW!  Forbes wrote an interesting article comparing music festivals all around the US and ACL in 2015 TOPPED THE CHARTS!! Maybe this is because people just love Austin and jump at the chance to see what this Texas Gem is all about or maybe it's because this music event gets you the most bang for your buck!  With the number of shows and the cost of the weekend long wristband, it comes to roughly $1.66 per band.  That's not a bad gig if you ask me.  Did you also know that there is an Austin Kiddie Limits?  Best part about that...wait for it....Kids under the age of 10 get in FREE!!! That's right...FREE.  You don't hear that word too often.  What an incredible opportunity to bring your whole family down to the festival grounds to enjoy live music for yourself and take the kids over to the Austin Kiddie Limits to let them enjoy music from School of Rock, the Okee Dokee Band, Barton Hills Choir and more!  They can also partake in HipHop classes, the Drumzone and Freestyle Master class!  

There is so much to do during these two weekends and all sorts of expert tips on how to enjoy the weekends and get the most out of your experience.  This music festival brings so much life and excitement to Austin and a lot of times people come to town for the shows and end up moving here to our flavorful city nestled in the hill country.  Check out the official ACL website for lineups, ticket information, and safety tips:  www.aclfestival.com

Then check out MY website when you are ready to make Austin your home!  www.jill.lookingforaustinhomes.com 


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