Bringing Your Puppy Home Puppy Proofing

Dated: 07/16/2019

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Bringing Your Puppy Home: Puppy-Proofing 

Aria and Zoe 

Our Baby girls have been a great joy to our life!

They are cute and lovable!

But they can really do a lot of damage to a our home! 

It is my families and mine responsibility to keep them safe and maintain my investment of my home and property; While still letting Zoe and Aria be adventures happy puppies!

When bringing your puppy or puppies home there is a check list everyone should follow if your wanting to live in bliss with furry family member 

Follow these effective steps and you won't encounter any mishaps.

  1. Protect your possessions. ...Put away anything in your home that you don’t want played with or destroyed — keeping an eye out for potentially dangerous items like blind cords, curtain tassels, and tablecloths. 

  2. Create a “pet-friendly” zone. ...One of the best ways to minimize damage is to create a space just for your puppy, complete with a bed and toys.

  3. Minimize escape routes... Do your best to prevent their tricks with deadbolts on doors, locks on windows, and baby gates for stairs.

  4. Remove dangerous items. ...From a puppy’s perspective, electrical cords are chew toys. Tuck cords away, enclose them in PVC pipe, or purchase cord protectors.

  5. Install a dog door. ...Dog doors keep you and your puppy living in harmony. 

  6. Mend gaps and holes. ...Puppies can squeeze through surprisingly small spaces, so look for holes of any size in your fences before letting your puppy outside

  7. Secure garbage. ...One man’s trash could become his puppy’s treasure, but it doesn’t have to be.

  8. Prevent illness....Many plants, including daffodils and foxglove, can be harmful to dogs.

My girls Aria and Zoe are very happy rambunctious Little pugs I follow those steps to ensure they are safe and happy!  

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