What Separates Great REALTORS® From Good Ones

Dated: 05/30/2019

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The other day I had the pleasure of playing Guitar Hero with some family friends and it struck me that two people can play the exact same song but showcase entirely different skill levels depending on the settings they choose before the song begins. If the song is set to the Easy skill level, one only has to punch a few buttons at the right time to make it through the song and get a decent score. On the highest level of difficulty, however, players must show physical and mental dexterity to hit all the chords, solos, and whammy bars the game throws at you.

This reminds me of what buyers and sellers go through when choosing a realtor: Prospective agents all seem to sing the same song to you--and in fact, the ultimate goal is the same no matter who you decide to work with--but the great realtors possess far more than the requisite skills needed to complete a transaction. They have the creativity, mental dexterity, and a vast repertoire of experience and professional connections to address even the most unforeseen whammy bars a transaction might throw at you.

The great realtors are able to create a true partnership with you; understand your stated (and unstated) needs; spot potential problems before they present themselves; have connections with people who can deliver for you in the clutch; and think outside the box to hit notes that you weren’t even aware were possible. Like an Eric Clapton riff, the great realtors are able to make you think, “Wow, I couldn’t have gotten the same experience if I had worked with anyone else.”

So the next time you interview someone about becoming your realtor--whether they’re family, friend, or referral--ask yourself whether that person demonstrates the kind of transcendent capabilities you might hope for in a Jimi Hendrix solo or if they're just trying to get to the end of the song. If it's the latter, then call us for a jam session. You’ll probably be able to tell the difference pretty quickly.

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