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Dated: 10/02/2018

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Let’s be honest, there are alot of Realtors out there.  Most people have several friends or family members that are in the industry.  In addition, we are introduced to neighborhood specialists via “For Sale” or “Open House” signs that we pass everyday.  As if that is not enough, we are informed about more Realtors through the mail, on grocery store carts, and park benches, and even via knock on the door.  It can all be a bit overwhelming when it comes to choosing your own representation.

As a longtime Real Estate Professional who truly cares about my clients, here are my suggestions for how to select the best Austin Realtor.

Neighborhood Expertise is Important

Although a good realtor could sell a house anywhere, nothing beats someone who is very familiar with your neighborhood, is connected with local agents, and is familiar with recent sales.  It might be tempting to use a relative or a friend (especially if they start talking about zero commissions c’mon would you work for free) but nothing beats someone who truly knows the market.

Go With Your Gut

Working with an agent is a very personal experience.  Over the course of a transaction, your Realtor will likely see you at your best and worst.  They will have knowledge of the finances involved with your purchase or sale and will advocate and negotiate for your best interests. When points of difficulty arise (and they most always do), they will require the skills of listening well and problem solving within tight time restraights.  Make sure you feel comfortable with whomever you choose and that you trust them with this important job!

Talk to People You Trust

I am a big believer in getting referrals for important services from people I like and trust.  When interviewing for a Realtor for a purchase or sale of a new home ask good friends, local relatives, neighbors if they have any suggestions of a local agent they like and respect.  Gather a list of potential agents and then make a short list for interviews. As I mentioned earlier, go with your gut it will always lead you in the right direction.

Check a Realtor's Online Presence

A reputable Real Estate Agent should have ample evidence of their body of work on the internet.  Browse their Website (most good agents have one), read reviews of past clients, look at their social media, more importantly look at their Linkedin profile and details of work experience.    Doing this will help you get a sense of the person and will certainly help you narrow down the professionals from the occasional real estate agent.

Figuring out how to select the best Austin Realtor for you is a big deal.  This person will help you buy or sell what is most likely your biggest asset - your home.  Do your research and choose wisely!

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