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HOA Or Not

Having lived in both for about equal amounts of time, I can tell you that there are advantages to each one.  The freedom of living without an HOA is often times glorious if you

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Why Do I Need A Buyers Agent

Why does a Buyer need an agent to represent them in the purchase of a home?  The house is already tied to the listing agent, so why not just let him help us buy it as well?  We can just go

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Take Emotion Out Of It

Having been in the Austin market for 12 years as an agent and having personally helped over 500 people find homes, I often hear people talk about "taking emotions out of the sale".  If you are

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Jan 2 2017 29765 1

New Beginnings.......Every January most gyms in the United States have one of their best revenue months of the year.  It isn't because the weather is cold, or because everyone feels guilty

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