Take Emotion Out Of It

Dated: 01/20/2017

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Having been in the Austin market for 12 years as an agent and having personally helped over 500 people find homes, I often hear people talk about "taking emotions out of the sale".  If you are an investor then please stop reading and continue breaking down properties with a good ROI and rental history.  I just have a hard time telling my clients to not worry about the feelings they have for a particular property.  The husband falls in love with the man cave and garage in a particular home, and everything seems perfect.......until you walk into the backyard and there is an old gas station renovated into a toilet bowl manufacturer (no joke, true story!)  The husband still wants to buy, but I have to let him know that having the eye sore of stacked up toilets in view of the back patio probably isn't the best for resale.  At this point the wife says that she wasn't "feeling" her kids grow up in this neighborhood anyway.  She didn't have the "feel goods" upon entering the home, and that was good news for me, as I could get rid of an entire search area based on those thoughts.  The fact of the matter is that feelings are a huge part of buying and selling, and it is ok.  Some people struggle to sell the home where their kids were raised or certain memories exist.  Fast paced Realtors who deny or downplay this are being unrealistic about how big of a decision this can be for people.  Making one of the biggest financial decisions of your life allows you to be emotional and that is ok, even when feelings get in the way of a good deal.  

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Craig House

Craig has sold over 500 homes in Central Texas since 2005. A retired Major League baseball player, Craig has focused his entire real estate career on people and being honest with them. Ask Craig a q....

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