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Dated: 01/09/2017

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   Something that is on everyone's mind when the New Year comes around are their goals and how we are going to make this year better than the last. One thing I know that most of us can agree on, especially families with children, is that we could all have less clutter and better organization. I feel this is very important for a fresh new start to the New Year because it allows you to focus your time on more meaningful and enjoyable moments. I've put together a list of ideas that have helped me declutter and organize my home.

              1: Remove all items from the space they are in and place in center of room!

 Sometimes you must first make a mess to make things better. This is a very important place to start with organizing your home so that you good idea of all the things that you have.  Also the places where the item were originally placed may not be the best and most efficient spot for them now. 

              2: Donate and Remove!

 Especially families with children it is very easy for the home to fill up with clutter from life's everyday routine. It is very important to use the New Year as a new start and rid yourself of the things just taking up space. If it hasn't been used in the last year, get it out! Donate, sell, and dump! The most common reason for clutter are items that are not used and eventually covered up and left taking up much needed space. Items great for donated to local charities include kids clothes that do not fit, old furniture, older toys and games, blankets, ect.!

              3: Repack and combine similar items!

 When working in ares like the kitchen, packing items including flour, sugar, baking powder, spices, ect. into matching containers can be a great way to fit more things into a smaller space or cabinet, leaving extra room for more. This will also work with drawers using little trays and dividers.  Combining all similar items into one tray or bin will help you stay organized in places like the bathroom closet or cabinet space under the sink, while also making it easier to keep it that way.

              4: Label, Label, Label!

 Labeling everything is a must if you don't want to see all your hard work go to waste. I like to label the jars for spices so I know where each spice goes and what I may need to restock. Also labeling things is a great way to get everyone else in your household in the routine of keeping your home organized and clean.

             5: Find a new "home" for everything!

 When you have finished labeling and combining similar items together it is time to start finding the most logical space for each item. Once you have found the best spot for each belonging in your home it is important to train your mind to place all items in their designated area. This is a major key in making sure that you will not have to declutter and reorganize your home constantly!

 I hope that my method of cleaning and organizing your home will help you manage your home easily and provide you with more time for any other goals you have for the year. A happy home is a happy family. Cheers to 2017!

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