Moving With Your Furry Friend

Dated: 05/31/2018

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Furry dog Friends and moving into new a home! It can be overwhelming for us humans but also our furry dog friends.  When we moved into our new home Mr. Bear our hybrid black pug acted a little funny he walked around with a puffy chest and needing to mark his territory with very high anxiety. Even though I did everything I could to keep him calm and happy  he acted in this manner. I can only imagine how he would have acted if we didn't prepare him for the big move to our new home.  

Transition into a new home with ease and confidence.

It can take a shelter dog 6-8 weeks or more to fully adjust to his new home. Don't worry if your furry dog friend's behavior doesn't fall into place after the first week, or if it takes awhile to feel like your dog.

If a dog bed or crate has been used in the previous home, then this may help your dog to better adapt. Your dog should be provided with an environment which has all the amenities and such similarity as possible to the previous home, especially with regards to the dog's sleeping, feeding, and play areas. (don't wash blankets or bedding for a few days). Therefor if the dog does not have a specific bed or a specific location for eating it might be helpful to establish these before moving, and then to set up the similar sleeping, bedding and feeding routines when moving into new home. We unpacked set up Mr. Bear area first then continued with the move and set up of our new home.

If a problem should arise, it is important that your dog responds appropriately  to some simple cues and commands, and that you have a good physical control. Play toys, affection sessions, and food treats can help your dog make the move to the new home a positive experience. Exercise keeps their energy down, which means they’ll be less likely to engage in messy, destructive behaviors at their new home.

It was also very important to have Mr. Bears tags and chip updated.   You want your new contact information on your dog ASAP! Being in a new place can increase the chances that your dog bolts and gets lost. 

Find a veterinarian ask for recommendations from neighbors and get your dog in for a check-up. Getting your dog in before an emergency situation arises can help your dog get to know the new vet in a relaxed way. Especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors, find out if there are any region-specific vaccines that your dog may now need.

At the end we maintained a calm assertive leadership throughout the entire process. Which was much appreciated by Mr. Bear.  He's a very happy Pug, he still walks around with a puffy chest at times but only when an unwanted bird comes into our yard.

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Moving With Your Furry Friend

Furry dog Friends and moving into new a home! It can be overwhelming for us humans but also our furry dog friends.  When we moved into our new home Mr. Bear our hybrid black pug acted

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