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New Beginnings.......

Every January most gyms in the United States have one of their best revenue months of the year.  It isn't because the weather is cold, or because everyone feels guilty about their holiday eating.  January represents a new beginning, and people want to better themselves in some way, and for many that is to join a gym and set goals like "getting back to my high school weight."  A fresh start provides hope and new opportunities, but can also be very scary due to the unknowns and the anxiety that can set in.  I have found that my New Year's Resolutions are iron clad until about February 1st, or the first visit to a restaurant that serves some of my favorite greasy foods.  I then gradually back off of my workouts, or my strict diet, and I blame my busy schedule or tell myself that "maybe I misremember my high school weight."  I feel good about 2017 though.  This is the year we all fulfill all of our goals and everyone changes for the better.  If we don't, I guess we always have New Year's next year and hope for 2018.  Good luck everyone, and I hope you all hit whatever goals were set for this year. 

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