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Dated: 03/01/2017

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One of the most critical elements to build a successful business or team is a positive work culture. If you look at any successful business you will notice something about there employees and their work environment. . What you will notice is they have a passion for what they do. This starts at the top. Good employees are hard to find. Don't just hire to fill a seat, make sure each employee is a good fit to the group.  A good employee needs to add to the group in a positive way.  Avoid drama, super egos, and people that are just lazy.

The other thing you will notice about these businesses or teams is there is an distinct energy in the air, people genuinely like each other.  The group when together  project an energy that naturally attracts others, especially others with that same passion. This is what all employees want. If you can build this there is no doubt you will find success and happiness.

I have been lucky enough to experience this first hand. These are a few things  that will build culture within the workplace.

Do fun things together. This can be as simple as lunch together with the group. The key is to learn about the people you are working with. You should know names of your coworkers children and significant others. Know what interests you co workers have. You may be surprised how much you have in common once you start hanging out together.

Respect everyone's opinion but feel comfortable to give criticism of ideas from others when necessary. That's how good ideas are formed by working out the kinks with others.

No egos! Never have the “that it's not my job” mentality. If you are there and it needs to be done, it's your job. Everyone in the group needs to have the right attitude.

I feel so lucky to be part of a team that supports this culture. We are a growing company. If you were ever interested in becoming a Realtor, or are an agent looking for a new broker I would love to talk. Good luck in finding your happiness.

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