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Dated: 09/11/2017

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It is family picture time!! From the matchy-matchy outfit family picture type to the just you and the fur baby in a beautiful natural setting type, there are important things to keep in mind for those fall family pictures.  Whether you have a professional photographer, a friend who needs to practice their new hobby or use the timer setting on your phone, here are a few helpful tips to a great end result!

Location is key.  Here is a list of a few great places around town that offer a great background for those precious memories.

  • Circle C Park

  • Mueller area

  • Austin Nature Center

  • State Capitol

  • University of Texas

  • Red Bud Isle

  • Zilker Botanical Gardens

  • Bull Creek Greenbelt

  • Driskill Hotel

  • Mayfield Park

  • South Congress

  • Downtown

  • Congress Bridge

  • Umlauf Sculpture Garden

  1. Be careful with your wardrobe choices.  While you want to make sure to coordinate to get that great “come together” look, you may want to steer clear of everyone wearing the exact same thing.  Think along the lines of similar color family as opposed to “if it looks good on junior, it will look good on me too!”

  2. Speaking of wardrobe choices, make sure everyone is on the same page with the plans.  Emails can get overlooked, texts may not get delivered.  A phone call to ensure everyone knows the details for the day is a great way to ensure you get a successful end product.

  3. Pictures with animals can be fun! …or a nightmare… while animals are glorious creatures, they are not always easy to take a picture with.  Plan on a few takes to get that perfect look. 

  4. Props can be fun!  or they be extremely awkward and make the viewers of your memory uncomfortable… it this situation, less may be more!

Have Fun!  Be silly! There are only so many perfectly posed pictures one can have to remember the years past.  Life is crazy, fun and unpredictable.  Let some of the pictures capture real life too!

I hope you take time to get out there with whomever your family may be and have a great afternoon capturing fun memories.  Whether they make the holiday card this year or wind up on a drawer that you can look back and have a good laugh at, I hope you have a great time making it happen!  I would love to know your favorite spots, photographers and tips as well!  Please post them on my Facebook page so that you can share with others!

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