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If you aren’t from Austin you’ve probably noticed that we tend to pronounce things incorrectly here. Those who have just moved to the city, may seem perplexed by the way locals pronounce names of streets and towns. People also seem confused because we have a lot of different names for the same roads. Here is a guide to help translate these Austin-ism for all the new residents and out-of-towners.

    • LadyBird Lake is also Town Lake.

    • Loop 1 is called MoPac by most Austinites.

    • Manchaca is pronounced Man-shack (don’t ask me why).

    • Guadalupe is pronounced Guad-o-loop (this pronunciation drives my husband crazy).

    • The Drag is also the stretch of Guadalupe where the University of Texas is located.

    • Burnet Rd. is in fact called Burn-it Rd. and there are two Burnet Roads.The main Burnet Rd. runs through North Central Austin. If you drive down this road you will find a lot of great restaurants, as well as the Crestview and Brentwood neighborhood. The second Burnet Rd. is in North Austin and it’s also called FM1325. This Burnet Rd. runs through Wells Branch. 

    • 360 is Capital of TX Highway and there is a North and South Capital of Texas Hwy.

    • Balcones is pronounced Bal-cone-ees.

    • Mueller is Mule-er here.

    • Manor rd. is May-nor rd.

    • 2222 turns in to Koenig Ln. and Koenig Ln. is Kay-nig.

    • Highway 183 is also called Research Blvd.

    • Buda is Byoo-duh.

    • A stretch of Highway 71 is also called Ben White.

    • The P in Pflugerville is silent and it's pronouned Flu-grr-ville.

I hope this helps explain a few of our Austin-ism. Enjoy the city and try not to get lost!

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Stephanie Duffin

Stephanie is a proud mother and lifelong resident of central Texas. She grew up eating BBQ, frequenting Zilker Park, and exploring the many Green Belts Austin has to offer. After graduating from Texas....

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